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Actaea Racemosa plus   (NPN80029108)

Actaea Racemosa plus

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French name : Actaea Racemosa plus

Type : Extract

Known properties : Help relieve muscle and joint pain associated with rheumatic conditions such as rheumatold arthritis, osteoarthritis and/or fibrositis, pain associated with neuralgia such as sciatica and to help ease nervous tension.

Contains : Black cohosh root (Actea  racemosa), Blue vervain (Verbena officinalis), Skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), Blue cohosh root (Caulophyllum thalictroides), Lobelia (Lobelia inflata), Cayenne (Capsicum annum), ratio 1:4, purified water, 6% natural grain alcohol.

Description : The black cohosh has a sedative effect on the nervous system. It relieves heart palpitations, nervousness, depression and tinnitus. Blue vervain is a natural tranquilizer. It is used against insomnia and in big period of stress. Skullcap calms agitation and relieves nervousness, insomnia and pain sensitivity. It is part of many pharmaceutical preparations intended to promote sleep, to calm hysterical and epileptic seizures and treat rabies or various other neurological disorders.

The blue cohosh calms and relaxes nerves, muscles and arteries. The lobelia exerts significant effets on the neuromuscular system and the nervous system. Moreover, a component of lobelia ; palmitate of beta-amyrin would have sedative and anti-depressive properties. Cayenne improves peripheral circulation. It is a powerful catalyst that increases the effect of other plants in this formula.

Recommended dosage : 1 teaspoon tree times daily or as recommended by your health care practitioner. For prolonged use, consult a health care practitioner.  

Cautions and warnings : Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen, have a liver disorder, stomach ulcers or inflammation with pre-existing medical. May affect coagulation study time and lab tests. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs or products with sedative properties is not recommended. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding or in children under the age of two, with nicotine or tabacco, with blood clotting disorders, with hormone sensitive conditions such as breast, ovarian or uterine cancer. Discontinue use if diarrhea, vomiting, rash, headache, dizzness, sweating, weight gain, cramping or a feeling of heaviness in the legs, mucous membrane irritation, cough, chest pain, hypertension or hyperglycemia occur. Do not use if safety seal is brokem. Contains sediment. Shake well. Refrigerate after opening.

Adverse reactions : n/a 


Size : 100 ml

Free Shipping with purchase of $ 75 or more (only valid with order in Canada)
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