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AROMATHERAPY - Breathing for better living!

Essential Oils «BREEZE» 100% natural

SCENARIO BREEZES - eco-friendly fragrances

LES MIELLEUX - 100% Natural Honey & Organic Essential Oils

PHYTOTHERAPY - Healt care by plants

What Spherebrooke can do for you!

«AROMA DIFFUSERS» Essentials Oils and Fragrances

An exceptional selection of ultrasonic diffusers. Carefully selected according to their design and preformance, our eco-friendly essential oils and fragrances diffusers will enhance any decor. Add a few drops of essential oils BREEZE or SCENARIO fragrances into one of our aroma diffuser to feel the benefits or project you into the desired ambience . They are ideal for gift giving.

Essential Oils «BREEZE» 100% Natural

You will be abble to maximize the benefits of aromatherapy with an outstanding selection of essential oils. Carefully selected according to their unique properties, our superior quality essential oils «BREEZE» are available in multiple choices and therapeutic blends. Add a few drops in water to one of our aroma diffuser to feel the benefits.

Fragrances «SCÉNARIO»

Scenarize your home with our fragrances inspired by nature. Our SCENARIO fragrances have the art and the way to highlight your interior and create atmospheres adapted to your desires. Add a few drops in water of one of our aroma diffusers to project you into the desired ambience. 

«POTAGER FUTÉ» ready to grow indoor garden

Planting medium, seeds, fertilizer, everything is there! The Potager futé collection offers several choices of herbs, vegetables, micro greens, lettuce box and the CULTIV smart garden for those who do not have the green thumb. There ecofriendly packaging made of wood or recycled steel make them the perfect gift to transform your kitchen or your friends kitchen into an indoor garden that will allow you to grow herbs and vegetables all year.

Certefied Natural Products «PHYTOSOLUTION» Made in Canada since 1975

PhytoSolution, a complete range of high quality natural products that will meet your health needs. Certified ''pesticides and heavy metals free'', PhytoSolution products are manufactured in laboratory with all guarantees of quality and control established by Health Canada, to offer you safe and effective products for your health.

LES MIELLEUX - 100% Natural Quebec Honey & Organic Essential Oils

We all know someone who is dying of H1N1 at the slightest cold. Someone who can’t swallow a pill without someone bringning him a little glass of water as did his mommy ... It's good to know that "Les Mielleux" will relieve small pains of Chéri (e) but mostly it is good to know that someone, somewhere, knows what you endure when Chéri (e) is sick. Because deep down, we all have a wimpy side!

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Free Shipping with purchase of $ 100 or more (only valid with order in Canada)
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